About Us

Oz Agribusiness Projects & Investments Ltd. (OAPI) is an Israel based integration company, specializing in turnkey projects for agriculture including greenhouses, packing houses, poultry and dairy farms. We enable our customers to plan and establish ambitious projects, implementing a multitude of technologies that are tailored to specific needs and conditions, as per locale.

Over the years of its existence, OAPI has accumulated vast experience in the construction of farms for various purposes, post-harvest processes, marketing and shipping. At present, our technology and infrastructure may be found anywhere on the globe, from Abu Dhabi's scorching desert face to the snowy reaches of Kazakhstan, from icy Russia to tropical Guatemala. Our aim is to facilitate the production, storage and delivery of quality food, meeting the rising global demand as it unfolds.

OAPI also provides consultancy services (incl. training programs) to companies and farms around the world – improving quality and quantity, organizational efficacy and the marketing of produce. The company's compliance with Israeli and international standards allows for world-class quality assurance systems and customer service, garnering international acclaim.

True to our heritage, OAPI also owns and operates ranches in México, Sri Lanka and Panama – growing and marketing some of the world's finest produce.

Company Slogan

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