Our Services

OAPI supplies a wide array of services, categorized into four different fields of expertise to accommodate agricultural entrepreneurs worldwide.

Agronomical Support

We offer innovative planning, consultancy and training in these main fields and invite you to inquire with us further, for these and other specialized expertise.
Greenhouse Tech
Post-Harvest Process
Dairy Farming
Poultry Farming
Specialty Crops


Feasibility Studies / Due Diligence

Agriculture and farming are great business albeit a risky one. OAPI has the global contacts, the knowledge and experienced staff to conduct all manner of research, prior to embarking on an agricultural business venture.
As more investors are interested in agricultural projects, the construction or acquisition of existing farms, an understanding of global trends is much needed. For that purpose we conduct feasibility studies or due diligence before construction of project or the acquisition of an existing farm. This includes a full business plan, professional feasibility plan, a market overview and farm management tools.


End-Product Marketing Support

Chain of production results in marketable goods, into which much labor, knowledge and love were put. Unfortunately, all these may amount to nothing if marketing fails. OAPI has the knowhow in packaging and finding the right market for your produce worldwide, helping you to brand your products and achieve differentiation from competing brands, custom-made to local or foreign audiences. We urge you to consult with us because in fact, the consumers will hear of your products and see them long before they choose or taste them. As the proverb goes, there's no second chance at a first impression.


Finance Services

Where needed, OAPI may offer assistance in the financing of projects. The extent of finance is determined by a client's capabilities, theater of operation and the nature of project at hand. The financing will be funded by OAPI's trusted global business associates.

OAPI is always open to consider joint venture projects, especially in its fields of agricultural expertise. Usually OAPI will aim to own a 20-50% share in chosen projects. Each financing solution or joint venture are tailored to a target market's potential and the project's overall feasibility

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