Our Technologies

Our Technologies

OAPI's range of technological solutions focuses on four distinct fields of expertise:
Greenhouse technology
Following to planning and construction, we train operators in the monitoring and execution of cultivation processes from nursery to harvest. OAPI greenhouses are cheaper to operate than competitors' or non-greenhouse farms. Cooling, circulation and ventilation systems keep utility and water costs low, while automation reduces labor cost and the risk of human error in the growing process. Key advantages are summed up as follows:
Low to zero cultivation risk (i.e. steady volumes and reliable supply to customers); Ability to grow crops to meet consumers' needs; Ability to synchronize peak production with peak pricing periods; Outdoing your competition.

Post-Harvest Process

This process is of crucial importance, no less than growth itself. It begins with the harvesting operations and lasts up to when a product reaches its final destination. Understanding this process allows farmers to ensure products have a longer shelf life, thereby maximizing quality and price.
Beyond the protocoling of work procedures, Post-Harvest includes sorting machines, packing house technology, refrigeration and storage facilities. OAPI supports you through these: feasibility studies, engineering design and implementation of work procedures (field & packing house), packaging materials and product marketing.


Dairy farming

Over the years, we have developed various technologies and methods in Israel that allow for higher milk yields. The world's annual yield per cow is approx. 7000 tons, while the Israeli cow averages over 10,000 tons. We use the most advanced milk sensors to provide full data for each cow, incl. milk yield, flow rates, fat, protein and lactose.


The key factor here is nutrition technology, optimizing quality and cost without compromising the cows' health. We establish food centers to ensure continuous supply and quality, accordingly. The issue at heart is the cows' quality of life and the ecological balance of by-products. In the dairies we plan and build, this balance is ensured, also generating additional revenue via by-products such as compost for fertilization.


Poultry Farming

Coop technology has progressed in recent years with the growing awareness of chickens' quality of life. Israeli growing methods ensure this, also lowering mortality rates and yielding the best meat and egg products imaginable.
This is a scientific balance, maintained between market needs and available land resources, thus maximizing profitability while taking into account all ecological considerations. Mostly, a food center is also established, in order to accommodate and regulate the nutritional needs of your coops.


Specialty Crops

OAPI plans and executes projects for growing special and delicate crops (such as mushrooms), implementing various technologies as per locale.

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